The Entrepreneur’s Fieldbook

What is your competitive edge? Want to work from home? Make money online? Can entrepreneurship be taught?

While attitude toward risk differs widely among us, many of the skills of successful entrepreneurs can be taught, and sensitivity to business opportunity can be sharpened. This book attempts to combine the principles of entrepreneurship and small business management to the actual experience of creating and developing a real-world enterprise.

The concepts of entrepreneurship cannot be absorbed passively; they are based on powers of observation and critical thinking. The enrichment materials in this book concentrate on the development of skills in estimating and projecting economic results, and the integration and application of knowledge from coursework, life experience, and attempts at understanding human nature.

A thorough and orderly approach to business planning allows us to assess whether an opportunity exists, and to determine how to take maximum advantage of that opportunity. From there, a hardy individual can decide, with significantly less uncertainty, whether to pursue that opportunity.


A practical guide for anyone interested in entrepreneurship, this brief book combines theory, hands-on activities and the experience of a proven entrepreneur. With its questioning style, high-quality enrichment materials, and real-life experiences, this book will help readers learn through its use of chapter objectives, exercises, case studies, checkpoints, chapter summaries, and review questions.


This book is now out of print, but it has been updated as “8 Steps to Starting a Business.

Wishing you success,
John B. Vinturella, Ph.D.

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