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Our Team

Jeffrey Bazar


JBV Capital, based in San Francisco, focuses on artificial intelligence and analytics enterprise software. 


Currently, Jeffrey serves on the board of Sinefa and and as a board advisor to RTBrick and Recently, Jeff served as an investor and board advisor to Inocybe Technologies (acquired by Kontron) and Practi Technologies (acquired by Just Eat). 


Mr. Bazar was an investor and operating executive at Deepfield Networks (acquired by Nokia) where he successfully developed the sales and product strategy. Prior to Deepfield, Mr. Bazar was an investor and executive at Cariden Technologies (acquired by Cisco). Prior to Cariden in 2003, Mr. Bazar co-founded and served as President of iPath Technologies, which he sold the company to Solunet Networks in 2007. 

Our Companies


logo_edited.png provides retailers with actionable insights and location analytics into their audience and competition.

Leela is actively building a new kind of self-learning agent that can tackle problems that are beyond the capacity of current technologies.



Sinefa is a powerful and cost-effective digital experience monitoring tool.

Acquired by
Palo Alto Networks


AI-powered Spatial Intelligence platform using anonymous location data to derive actionable real time insights for operations and marketing.



Deepfield is the leading provider of real-time network performance and security purpose-built big data analytics for communication service providers and large enterprises.

Acquired by Nokia Corporation


Cariden is a leader in network planning, design and traffic management solutions for carrier networks worldwide.

Acquired by Cisco Systems


Inocybe Technologies, an open networking technology provider.

Acquired by Kontron Communications


Cloud-native routing software for carrier networks.


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