8 Steps Education Fund

1st, November 2017

How would you like to donate entrepreneurship textbooks to schools to encourage teaching of the topic?

"8 Steps to Starting a Business" is my latest book on entrepreneurship. It is written at a level suitable for community colleges and advanced high schools.  The book is well researched, interesting (with lots of case studies) and challenging.

The book is self-published with a retail price of $20. The total cost per copy (printing, warehousing, shipping, sales tax ...) is about $12.

The book is for sale to you at $12. A typical school donation might be 30 books, or $360. You may designate the school to receive the books, or contribute them to partially funded schools or to libraries. A typical library donation might be $96.

The process will be fully transparent. I will post every donation and any expense not covered by the $12 price. Thank you for your generosity. Donate now by going to GoFundMe.