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Lesson 9:
Keyword Lab
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My best keyword is out there, but how do I find it?

The table below is the result of an extensive search on computer and business terms in the Wordtracker database. The highlighted keywords are those which are applicable to our site.

Note the first-rated term; 15,559 are searching for it, while only 8,700 other sites use the phrase as a keyword. So "office 2003 hack" has a KEI in the stratosphere.

 I couldn't figure it out even by "googling" it. We could force it in on our page, but I suspect these are not our customers anyway.

Our terms are more down to earth. Note that numbers 12 and 13 have favorable KEIs, while 15 to 18 are marginal. The last three are abysmal. My first choice, "work from home." It is under the 8+ we're looking for. A personal favorite, "entrepreneur" is dismal, less than 0.1!

Wordtracker: Computer/Business

No. Keyword KEI Analysis Count Competing
1  "office 2003 hack" 27,825.573 15,559 8,700
2  "rss latest news" 689.767 2,865 11,900
3  "google" 208.982 166,717 133,000,000
4  "blog definition" 121.940 1,003 8,250
5  "search engines" 82.220 55,527 37,500,000
6  "free fonts" 79.529 10,207 1,310,000
7  "search engine list" 52.485 2,701 139,000
8  "computer wallpaper" 51.811 5,018 486,000
9  "internet search engine" 46.759 6,790 986,000
10  "internet search engines" 46.711 6,790 987,000
11  "internet speed test" 44.916 2,005 89,500


 "work from home businesses" 29.051 1,098 41,500
13  "best home based businesses" 27.405 1,124 46,100
14  "best search engine" 24.756 3,825 591,000
15  "home based business ideas" 9.576 1,137 135,000
16  "work at home" 7.416 7,902 8,420,000
17  "work from home" 6.552 6,849 7,160,000
18 "home based business opportunity" 6.189 2,537 1,040,000
19  "work from home jobs" 5.529 1,178 251,000
20  "home based business opportunities" 4.365 1,625 605,000
21  "internet home based business" 4.130 1,008 246,000
22  "home based business" 4.015 4,957 6,120,000
30  "make money online" 1.387 1,558 1,750,000
34  "business opportunity" 0.766 2,619 8,960,000
41  "entrepreneur" 0.088 1,055 12,600,000

Out of curiosity, I searched for the most popular terms overall and found the top-ten on KEI:

Wordtracker: General/High Rank March 21, 2010
No. Keyword KEI Analysis Count Competing
1 "zip code finder" 139.913 4,877 170,000
2 "united states zip codes" 106.580 1,460 20,000
3 "zip codes" 102.064 20,281 4,030,000
4 "zip code directory" 99.560 4,979 249,000
5 "online dictionary" 86.242 24,002 6,680,000
6 "name meanings" 83.510 4,766 272,000
7 "area codes" 75.335 13,751 2,510,000
8 "online currency converter" 46.121 1,431 44,400
9 "internet speed test" 44.916 2,005 89,500
10 "best digital camera" 36.230 2,111 123,000

Maybe we should add a zip code finder to our site. That's not really a good idea, but an Internet speed test would not be too far outside our site's purpose.

Visit Sumantra Roy's site, 1stSearchRanking.com, for more on KEI and related topics.

Below are several additional tools that you may find useful:

Keyword Tools

Don't feel obliged to use all of the tools, but try at least three to get that many points of view. We hope you have a lot of effective keywords and key phrases to take to our next lesson, which is about software to help us in getting "prime real estate" on SERPs.


Wishing you success,

John signature

John B. Vinturella, Ph.D.

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