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jbv entrepreneur, consultant, business plans

About Us

About jbv's Competitive Edge

We are jbv.com, management consultants, publishers, evaluators, and sellers of information products, specializing in entrepreneurship, home business opportunities, and online marketing.

This site is maintained by John B. Vinturella, Ph.D.

entrepreneur, consultant, business plans


This site is our "flagship" and highlights the principles and best practices of entrepreneurship, and related news, opinions, and ideas. Our "Entrepreneurship University" has Colleges of Entrepreneurial Studies and Internet Marketing. Take some courses and sharpen your skills.

Also included in this site is a set of lessons on personal financial planning. This course is based on notes from a college class that I taught, and emphasizes best practices for young adults.

About Dr. Vinturella:

John has more than 40 years’ experience as an educator, manager, entrepreneur and strategist.  He is the co-author of “Raising Entrepreneurial Capital,” now in its second edition, and author of “The Entrepreneur's Fieldbook.”

He has been a professor of Computer Science and the Computer Center Director at the University of New Orleans and at Bentley University in Waltham, MA. John has also taught Management and Entrepreneurship at Tulane and Dillard Universities, and as an adjunct at several universities. At Tulane, John also headed the “Family Business Forum.”

 The company he founded in Covington, LA in 1978, Tammany Supply, Inc., was named a Blue-Chip Enterprise by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in 1994, and was recognized for innovative use of technology ("The Wizardry of Tammany Supply") in the trade journal, Supply House Times. The company was sold to a regional chain in 1998.

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John B. Vinturella, Ph.D.
(504) 914-9998

Wishing you success,

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John B. Vinturella, Ph.D.

Thanks for visiting our site. We work hard to keep it current, fresh and interesting. We hope you found some useful information here. Below see the latest headlines (via their RSS feed) from About.com: Financial Planning.

» 15-Year Mortgage
16/09/16 07:25 from About.com Financial Planning: Most Popular Articles
Taking out a 15-year mortgage can create a number of benefits, not the least of which is that your mortgage can be paid off in half the time it takes to rid yourself of a typical 30-year mortgage.

» How To Get a Pay Raise
16/09/16 07:25 from About.com Financial Planning: Most Popular Articles
Important advice on how to get a pay raise

» Financial Designations
16/09/16 07:25 from About.com Financial Planning: Most Popular Articles
Finding the right financial adviser can be a daunting task, given the sea of insurance agents, commissioned brokers and fee-based money managers who are out there competing for your business.

» Planning for the Future - Making the Most of...
16/09/16 07:25 from About.com Financial Planning: Most Popular Articles
When it comes to planning for the future, most people think of retirement. Retirement planning is important because it allows you to do the things that you were unable to do while working—travel, start a business, go back to school...

» Asking for a Lower Interest Rate
16/09/16 07:25 from About.com Financial Planning: Most Popular Articles
As you are probably aware, credit card interest rates can be quite high with rates upwards of 30% annually. This staggering rate can make it nearly impossible to pay off your debt if you can only afford to pay close to the minimum each m...

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